What are the available Game Modes?


Two teams face off against each other with the goal of eliminating the enemy. Each kill is worth 100 points and the first team to 10,000 points is the winner.

Currently available maps for Team Deathmatch are:

  • Port
  • Dubbing Site
  • Neon Ruins
  • PSS9
  • Downtown Dejima


Teams fight for control of 5 terminals in a tug-of-war fashion. Terminals are labeled A through E, with one team spawning near terminal B and the other terminal near terminal D. The objective of the mode is to capture terminals and progress forward until all of the opposing side's terminals are captured, or a team captures a total of 5 terminals.

Currently available maps for Terminal Conquest are:

  • District Ruins
  • Cyber Ward
  • Underground Base



In demolition, two teams take turns attacking or defending objectives on a map. The attacking team's goal is to successfully detonate an explosive at a bomb site while the defending team is trying to prevent the bombing. A successful bombing or defense nets the team 1 point and ends the round. Unlike in Team Deathmatch and Terminal Conquest, players do not respawn until the beginning of the next round, making team elimination a viable method for winning rounds. The two teams change sides after a total of 5 rounds has been played, and the first team to a total of 6 points wins the match.

Currently available maps for Demolition are:

  • PSS9
  • Downtown Dejima
  • Geofront
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