First Assault Game Closure / Compensation

We’re sorry to inform you that we will be sunsetting Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex First Assault Online in North and South America, Europe, and the Oceania region, with final closure scheduled for December 6. 

This was a very tough decision to make. The game has been in development for a long time, supported by the tdeveloper, publisher, and community effort. Ultimately, we decided that continued development wasn’t going to help the game become what we all hoped it could become. We will be supporting the game for the next several months during the sunset period, allowing both the development and publishing teams and the community to say goodbyes and enjoy the game. 

As a courtesy to our fantastic community we will provide players with NX for items purchased. 


NX Details:

Players will be provided NX for all eligible purchased items according to date purchased. The amount of NX to be provided is as follows:


Date item purchased

Compensation %

After or on February 27, 2017


Before February 27, 2017



The following items are not eligible for NX:

o   Section 9 Pass (30 Days)

o   Section 9 Pass (15 Days)

o   Recruit Early Access Pack

o   Operative Early Access Pack

o   Specialist Early Access Pack

o   Elite Early Access Pack


Nexon will deliver the NX on December 6, 2017.

• NX provided under this program will expire no earlier than one year from the date of delivery according to the Nexon America Terms of Sale policy found here: 
• For information on how to login to your Nexon Account or to recover your password, please follow the instructions found here:

The game service will be closed for good on December 6, 2017 at 10am PST. 
It’s been a humbling experience to serve such a dedicated and engaged player community. We sincerely thank you for all the feedback and support you’ve given us throughout the years.

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